Thursday, 28 January 2021

About Green Goddess

A search for real goddess can become focused if we know where she lives. Green Goddess is a solace embodied in nature and a thought to find her as Maa Durga. Nature, where harmony dwells is a heaven. Happiness in mass, creates festival. Festivity in the world of Maa Durga is all about people around it and people’s way of celebration makes our Durgotsav the largest festival of soul for us. Goddess gives inspiration to work, to think and work for the benefit of the world round the year. When we meet human beings we get a mirror reflection of a human inside us. The feeling of the soul is divine and there is the solace. Lets connect and communicate that she is here for an act of happiness for all.
The world is one, though people are being divided by political boundaries, religious myths, sex, cast and creed. But the humble earth takes us together at a large and rotates itself to see the lights of the day and the darkness of the night together. The feelings of cold and hot is natural and same by all human beings and all living creatures. The rain, the storms, the tides, the earthquakes create an indifferent effect on all. If loneliness is an enjoyment, but for a short-term, after that it becomes a pain. Feelings is the only special characteristics of every human being. We shout in the captured peak of the mountain to listen the echo. We need somebody to listen the feelings of our own and seek the same empathy from the counterpart.  The procedural facts of birth and death have already inscribed the truth that we have materialistically inherited nothing, and no materials we can carry, while entering or leaving earth. Only we leave our remembrance of existence by virtue of the work done for people, society and the world as a whole. Possessiveness confines us to be self-centered while happiness increases when we part it. Happiness is not confined to convergence but can be gained only in divergence. But still we get confined to "me" instead of "we". Togetherness is the only way to gather more happiness. We are here in the earth to be happy, so why not live for people and live with people and make it a goal of life. This is the inspiration of building your own Happy Hope Trust, and dedicating itself to make the whole world joyous. Let us be happy with a hope that we are not alone and have trust on humanity. We are incomplete without you. It will not happen suddenly, but it will certainly happen. Please join us. 
*If you don't believe in us, just try laughing when somebody else cries and try to cry while somebody else is smiling. The answer tells everything and you can judge it.*